Applicants Info

Of course, the switching for you as an applicant is completely free and you are under no obligation.
Upon successful placement close the contract directly to your new employer.

We support you:
- in finding the position and perspective that your idea Equivalent.
- with all the formalities and regulatory matters that are
  necessary for the activity recordings.
- in finding accommodation.

They cover with just one application from the full range of your desired view:
- we conscientiously look after your entire concern.
- this allows you to go about your medical carefree workday.
- a complete discretion throughout the application process is guaranteed.
- our foreign applicants will be carefully supported in all administrative processes.
- for these checks can be accompanied.
- a particular concern for our physicians from around the world,
  is also their social inclusion in the houses and teams.

In short, they provide the framework, we take care of the details.